Monday, June 10, 2013


Dear readers,

I hope you are doing fine.

I am okay.How is the weather where you are?Here in my village in Slovenia it was just raining.In the last month or so it was raining quite a lot and it was also unusually cold for this period of the year.
Not that I would mind it in any way!I am probably one of the rare people who like rain and clowdy days.The sun dazzles my eyes and I can not see clearly ;)!
Yet,to each season its own thing...This is what I had on my mind fifteen days ago while I was thinking about how to dress for going to Lubiana on behalf of some errands.(Wow,I'm being so diplomatic right now :D ! )
The most important thing for me was not to be cold and when I finally came up with an outfit I noticed it looked like something I would wear in autumn.But,it was just a matter of minutes and I  decided that no matter what I would make my outfit look more spring appropriate.Reason why I immediately went to the nearby city in search of something springlike.Initially I wanted to have  some colorful earrings,but I ended up finding a nice scarf with butterflies on it.I loved it from the first moment!In addition to that I also used my orange bag and all in "bloom" like that I felt I was ready to conquer Lubiana.Sort of :))!
Anyway,on my way back from Lubiana to the coast (I was going by train) I spontaneously took some pictures with my phone camera and thought that maybe I could use them for a post on my blog.Thus they are not the best pictures ever,but today as it was raining again I thought:"Ah,why not,I'll post them!"
However,rain or no rain,it is getting warmer day by day and the hot summer is clearly around the corner.I know,I should be posting an outfit more - ready for the summer -,but I wanted to share with you what I was wearing that day to Lubiana.Maybe it could be an inspiration for the next autumn... 
Yet,who knows,do butterflies fly in autumn :)?

My view from the train for 2.30h on my way back from Lubiana to the coast.

Hello there :)!

Wearing my beloved intimissimi body (sans turtleneck) under a shirt by Camaïeu (old).The jeans (skiny type) are by New Yorker and as shoes I had a pair of light brown ballerinas with a bow.C'mon,you know there had to be a bow somewhere :)!
My hair was in a ponytail,secured with an extra hair elastic with a small pink/coral flower on it.So springlike,right :)))?
Actually,I was wearing this same flower yesterday at my friend's birthday dinner and she said:"Ha,ha, looks like you have a flower growing right out of your head :))!" Hm,nice firends I have,haven't I :))?

Strike a pose ;)))!
No brand jacket,wool like material.

My orange bag (here).
Scarf by Ursula (Slovene company).
Viscose material,cost around 17€.
I found it by the drugstore Müller.

The umbrella is a souvenir I got in Lubiana.
Yes,I know,I know,the whole point of this post is how to dress on a cold,rainy spring day and yet I go on such a trip without an umbrella.Well,let me tell you that on that day in the morning before I left for the train station it was dry and a bit sunny on the coast,so I thought it will be the same in Lubiana.Plus I seriously thought that my old and ugly umbrella would not match my outfit,so I left it in my car.Genius,ah :)))?
Well,when I came to Lubiana it was quite sunny,but in the early afternoon it started to rain heavily and oh my dear God,I felt like a wet mouse alone in the city :).Nevertheless,I was not that wet,because I covered my head with the scarf,but I sure felt quite unconfortable.Luckily I soon found a Müller (what a coincindence) and I bought the above umbrella there.I was so relieved :)!

What do you think about this outfit?

I send you many greetings wherever you are...

Mwah :o)!

THE HOLY BIBLE (Old Testament - Proverbs,Chapter 21-Verse 21)

21 He who follows righteousness and mercy
Finds life, righteousness, and honor.

THE HOLY QURAN (Surah 22.Al-Hajj (The Pilgrimage),Verse 77)

77. O ye who believe! bow down and prostrate yourselves in Prayer, and worship your Lord, and do good deeds that you may prosper.

(The verses from The Holy Bible and The Holy Quran are not meant as any comparison whatsoever,but are just verses that I liked and decided to post.)



Lucie Srbová said...

You look so cute!! lovely scarf!

Style Without Limits

JASMINA said...

Thanks Lucie :)!

CoastWithMe said...

Love your scarf! Hope it warms up and stays warm:))!

JASMINA said...

@ CoastWithMe :o),

I'm glad you like it Rita :)!Yes,the scarf is very warm,yet light.


Nicky said...

lovely scarf!


JASMINA said...

Thanks Nicky :)!

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I love the wool jacket - what a nice ruffly detail!

JASMINA said...

I'm glad you like it Lisa.Definitely a more autumn piece,but I did what I could.

Issa Tchieu said...

how interesting story about the umbrella. I think you created two looks jus like that. so effortlessly good.

JASMINA said...

@ Issa :o)

Thanks for visiting my blog and your compliments :)!


Lilli said...

Ciao Jasmina! Mi piace molto il tuo look, soprattutto il cappottino di lana ed il foulard!:) Buona giornata, un bacio!:)

Jasmina Gelsominastar said...

Grazie Lilli :o)!Buon finesettimana...

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