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STYLE CHECK : SHARON STONE (Cannes Film Festival 2013)

Hi dear readers :o)!

Do you know the show Fashion Police on the American channel E!  ? 
If you do,do you watch it?
Well,sometimes I watch it.It's a fun show about celebrities and fashion.It's all about who? what? where? wore something and at the end  the hosts (Joan Rivers,George Kotsiopoulos,Giuliana Rancic and Kelly Osbourne) each on their own choose who is the best and worst dressed celebrity of the week.Every time they also have one or more famous persons as guests and who share their opinion on various looks.All of this spiced up with a lot of humor!
I don't know really when the show airs,because in Europe E!  runs on a completely different schedule,but they repeat the show several times during a week.I usually catch it on Saturday morning while I enjoy my breakfast in front of the TV.So relaxing!
Here's their website.

Anyways,this past weekend they were talking about The Cannes Film Festival which was held between the 15th and 26th of May.This time the celebrity that got most attention from the hosts was Sharon Stone who wore a long backless white gown with a very interesting detail on the back.I must say that I too was quite impressed by her look,so I decided that I'd look up for it on the net.Yet when I found the pictures of Sharon Stone on the red carpet in Cannes I wasn't all like WOW!.I still thought that she looked beautiful,but some small details ruined it a bit for me.However,the surprise was discovering that during the festival
Mrs Stone wore also another dress - which actually turned out to be my favorite one of the two.

Let's have a look at them together and if you want I'd be very interested in your opinion.

Both gowns are by Roberto Cavalli.


This gown is glamour at its finest,but I don't like the neckline.It's too simple and to me it looks like almost a 
t-shirt that tennis players would wear.
In my opinion a more rounded neckline that would possibly be made of the same chain that we find then on the back would give the whole look a more firm syntony.

Something like an American style neckline!

For example like this one...

I guess Mr Cavalli wanted to achieve a surprise effect after seeing just a simple neckline in the front part,but why not giving an audience a feeling of expectation.
I find the difference between the front part and the back too harsh.

I adore the back part.Maybe I'm not so found of the chains being a bit here and there,but I love it anyway.
The accessories are very well chosen and the starfish bracelet says summer and is perfect for a seaside place like Cannes.

The hair and make-up are also nice.


This is the second dress.
Though I adore the first dress,because it's so naughty and it sure does sparkle my fantasy,I do have to say that the second dress would be my ultimate choice.
I am all for WOW! effects,but they've to be in harmony with the whole look.If there's even a small clash like by the first dress,chances are that people would be more prone to look just at a detail instead of enjoying the whole look.

The second dress on the other hand is not so naughty,but it allows you to play more with it.
You can make it more elegant or playful and sexy.Oh and this amazing color!It must be like the sea on the 
Côte d'Azur.

I appreciate the accessories by the second dress.They are fantastic and I like it that there are some green gems there.The blue color would be too obvious!
Nevertheless,I'd prefer a kind of tiny necklace that would go around the neck and then with one thread end between the breast line.Possibly with a dangerously expensive diamond attached at its end.That would be naughty,too!

Something like this for example,but worn in front and with just one thread between the breasts...
(Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway at the Oscars 2013.)

Probably I'd also choose a smaller rounded clutch with sparkling diamonds on it.Yes,real diamonds!
But,it's a dress that a woman can play with,so there are more options.

Liking the hair and make-up too.

If you wish you can tell me how you would wear each dress.It would be nice to know your thoughts.
You could take it as a chance to play with your fantasy...


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THE HOLY BIBLE (Old Testament - Proverbs,Chapter 10-Verse 19)

19 When words are many, transgression is not lacking,

    but the prudent are restrained in speech.

THE HOLY QURAN (Surah 2.Al-Baqarah (The Cow),Verses 204-205)

204. And of men there is he whose talk on this life would please thee, and he would call Allah to witness as to that which is in his heart, and yet he is the most contentious of quarrellers.
205. And when he is in authority, he runs about in the land to create disorder in it and destroy the crops and the progeny of man; and Allah loves not disorder.


(The verses from The Holy Bible and The Holy Quran are not meant as any comparison whatsoever,but are just verses that I liked and decided to post.)



Issa Tchieu said...

sharon stone is a phenomenal legend, shes glowin in her age.

Lilli said...

Ciao Jasmina! Ti ringrazio tanto per la visita ed il tuo commento!:) Sharon Stone è una donna bellissima, sono d'accordo con te su entrambi i suoi looks, in particolare per quanto riguardo il primo, nemmeno a me piace quella scollatura:) Baci!:)

Jasmina Gelsominastar said...

@ Issa :o),

Yes,she's phenomenal,indeed.I think a lot of work is involved in looking so good at her age and then there's also make-up...

Thanks for adding me to your circles on google +.I'll add you,too :)...


@ Lilli :o),

grazie a te per il tuo commento e sono contenta che hai trovato interessante questo post.

Un abbraccio :)...

Sabrina Musco said...

stupenda Sharon Stone!!!
bel post carissima!!!
un bacione!!!


beautiful ,love this :)

Kat said...

shes so amazing!! i absolutely love her style :D

Sandra said...

Ich finde das blaue Kleid sehr schön! :-))

Jasmina Gelsominastar said...

@ Sabrina Musco :)

Sono contenta che lo trovi carino.
Un abbraccio <3...


I'm glad you like it.

@ Kat

Mwah dear :)!

@ Sandra

Ich auch :o)!Freut mich,dass du mich besucht hast.XO

zara may said...

I love your blog

Jasmina Gelsominastar said...

@ zara may

Thank you for visiting my blog :)!

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